Residential Shade sails can keep you cool while you relax or entertain at home. Shade sails are ideal for providing shade for your family around the pool or to cover your barbeque or outdoor entertainment area. When you install a shade sail, it can feel as though you've added a whole new room to your home.

Waterproof shade cloth is also available for those jobs where you need to keep a place dry and well-shaded. This shade cloth is available in most of our colour range.

Every Shade Sails design is different to the next. Designing a Shade Sail and the installation method requires a combination of elements, Function, design, structural stability and budget. We do our best for to meet these for you.

Whilst we do have access to quality DIY shade sails, all installations we perform are done using custom made shade sails.

Our custom made Shade Sails are offered to you in 10 fabric selections in an abundance of colours. All stitching used is finished with PTFE thread and will last the length of your Shade Sail in normal conditions.

The corners endure a lot of load, therefore our corners are heavily reinforced and are used in conjunction with Prorig Stainless Steel D rings. 7 x 19 Stainless steel in either 4, 5 or 6mm runs continuously around the perimeter of the Shade Sails for strength and stability.

Fabrics used

Rainbow Shade. Alnet extra Block. Monotec 370. Comshade. Poly FX. Shadetex 320 Commercial Light. Commercial 95. Extreme 32. Architect 400